Powerful File Manager & Code Editor for WordPress

Tired of using FTP & cPanel ? Give WPIDE a try!

File Management Made Easy!

Forget using FTP or cPanel! Use WPIDE File Manager to take full control of your Wordpress website file management.

Friendly Design

A fresh modern UI that makes it easy to browse and manage your files.

Strong Security

Using native WordPress Filesystem API to perform file operations securely.

Bulk Uploads

Create files & folders or bulk upload folders directly within the file manager dropzone.

Batch Downloads

Download one or multiple files & folders at once. Folders will be downloaded as zip files.

Archive Files

Easily zip or unzip files. Backup your whole WordPress content folder if needed.

Calculate Folder Size

Calculate folder sizes on demand or on load. Sizes are saved for faster browsing.

Code Editor

Advanced Code Editor lets you edit most coding languages including PHP.

Image Editor

Powerful editing tools that will let you edit images quickly and with ease.

Database Manager

Access and fully control your WordPress database with ease!

File Preview

Open and view multiple files at the same time including video, audio and images.

  • Easily navigate between tabs
  • Tabs stay open even after a page refresh
  • View and edit any text format file
  • Syntax highlighting for coding languages
  • Image folders open in a beautiful gallery
  • Preview videos and listen to audio files

File & Code Editor

Built using
the famous ACE Editor!

High performance code editor that matches the features and performance of native editors such as Sublime, Vim and TextMate. Even used by AWS Cloud9!

  • Line numbers
  • Find + Replace
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Highlight Matching Parentheses
  • Automatic Indentation + Code Folding
  • keyboard commands / shortcuts
  • WordPress and PHP code auto-completion
  • PHP code parsing and validation
  • PHP file backup before saving

File Recovery Wizard

No more screen of death after modifying PHP files!
Thanks to our Custom Error Handler Drop-in, Our File Recovery Wizard will appear instead and help you recover the erroneous file. A file backup is saved before modifying any PHP file.

Easy Breezy
Config Manager

Add, update or delete constants located within your wp-config.php file using this easy visual config manager without having to manually access the file via FTP.

Database Manager

Forget using phpMyAdmin! Use WPIDE Database Manager to access and control your WordPress database with ease!

  • View Tables
  • Create New Tables
  • Add / Update / Delete Rows
  • Update Table Structure
  • Update Column Indexes
  • Safe Editing Enabled

High Performance Image Editor!

Edit images without Photoshop! The integrated Image Editor has powerful editing tools that will let you edit images quickly and with ease.

Transform tool allows cropping, flipping, rotation, & straightening operations.

Text tool lets you quickly add text to any image. Edit font size, color, background, opacity, line height, border, shadows, alignment and much more!

Drawing tool works on both desktop and touch devices. It supports different brush types, colors and sizes.

Includes 18 built-in filters, including blur, brightness, pixelate, grayscale and more!

All frames are fully responsive and work with photos of any size or aspect ratio.

Includes basic shapes for annotation as well as stickers such as emoticons, doodles, speech bubbles and more!

Resize image to specified width and height, maintaining aspect ratio if needed. Optionally make image corners rounded.

Choose a License

An annual license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Your subscription will auto-renew each year until cancelled.
A lifetime license entitles you to updates and support forever. It is a one-time payment, not a subscription.

This is what our esteemed clients have to say for us

Found this great plugin most useful when troubleshooting on customers sites – it’s such a relief to know that this plugin checks and validates the code before saving files. This avoids crashing your customer's site while troubleshooting!


A complete file manager and code editing solution for WordPress! I love the automated File Restore Wizard that appears instead of the white screen of death, it will allow you to restore erroneous files in a click of a button!


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